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Click for detailsMain features

  • Modality: 'In Company' presence classes (groups of a maximum of 7 students).
  • Teaching staff: always native with an experience mainly in companies exceeding 5 years.
  • As language training is concerned, these courses are exempt from VAT.
  • The registration is paid only once and is valid for each course for 12 months.
  • Previous Level Tests (carried out in order to homogenize all classes) are free of charge.

Click for detailsLanguages currently offered

  • First group: English (British or American), French and Spanish or Catalan (for foreigners).
  • Second group: Portuguese (European or Brazilian), Italian and German.
  • For courses in other European languages (Scandinavian languages, Dutch, Russian and other Slavic languages, etc.) as well as Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, please check availability to TCS-Bruiser.

Click for detailsObservations concerning the subsidized courses by the FTFE

  • Any company is entitled to such subsidized courses if it complies with the following requirements:
    • be a private trading company with centres located in Spain,
    • to be in no debt to the Social Security and to the Ministry of Finance, and
    • that any worker beneficiary of the course is included in the Social Security General System at the beginning of the course.
  • In the event that the client decides to accede to the FTFE’s Convention of Company Association, TCS-BRUISER, as Organiser Entity, shall carry out without any additional cost all the calculations required in order to adapt the course(s) in question to the client’s annual credit for continuing training, so that the client can discount the maximum number of hours for each course.
  • As a broker entitled to act on behalf of the client with the FTFE, TCS-BRUISER shall submit in due time all the documentation required by the law as proof of the course/s that is/are being conducted
  • Bonuses and specific conditions for presence courses.
    • At present the maximum bonus per participating worker is 13 € /hour for middle/superior training and 9 €/hour for basic training.
    • No cancellation of classes is allowed.
    • The start of each course must be reported to the FTFE with a minimum of 7 days in advance.
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