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The TCS-BRUISER group was born in 2003 and is made up of two companies: TRADING COMMUNICATION & SERVICES, S.L. and BRUISER SERVICIOS LINGÜÍSTICOS, S.L.. Founded in Barcelona in 1988, in this time both companies have reached a position of a proven prestige within the linguistic service industry, a position strengthened by the commercial and operative synergies resulting from this merger.

Click for detailsOur philosophy

Our dynamic, innovative outlook is aimed at satisfying every one of our customers’ needs through an increasingly better knowledge of their special features. This outlook has taken shape in the recent launch of our new Intranet, the ultimate goal of which can be summed up as follows: as our costumers will both know all the translators' names and contact them directly, we hope they may think that they are translators working in their own offices.

Click for detailsQuality, confidentiality, promptness, all guaranteed

We guarantee an internationally recognised quality standard

Our rigorous selection and subsequent evaluation of our professional team, as well as our successive quality controls, have made us deserving of the demandig ISO 9001:2008 certificaction issued to us by LL-C. However, if any of our costumers are not satisfied with a specific job, we will carry out a warranty procedure by making as many revisions and changes as necessary, free of charge. Finally, for your complete assurance, we have signed a public liability policy to cover unexpected human errors not detected by our control systems.

We guarantee strict, comprehensive confidentiality commitment

Our companies are always willing to sign a confidentiality agreements with all of our customers who request it, in accordance with the ethics code of the profession.

We guarantee prompt fulfilment of the agreed delivery times

At TCS-Bruiser we not only endeavour to offer quality. We are aware that our customers - and normally to their regret - sometimes need us to estrictly meet a specific deadline with the utmost urgency. That is to say, they want us to be as prompt as possible without our service quality being affected. Thanks to our infrastructure and our extensive professional team too, we guarantee that TCS-Bruiser is able to offer the best solution all of the time, however the order may be.

Since 1988 at your service