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From the outset, TCS-BRUISER set itself apart from run-of-the-mill translation agencies by being the first company in the sector to implement the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 international quality standard in all translating, proofreading, interpreting and transcription processes.

Click for detailsMuch more than a translation agency

At TCS-Bruiser, we consistently provide our clients with services that go far beyond those offered by most of our competitors by contributing significant added value to all our intermediary tasks. Thus, we spend the time, effort and attention required to ensure that our clients are entirely satisfied with our translations; we are so successful at this that, in most cases, our texts read like original compositions.

Click for detailsWe don’t translate words, we communicate ideas

Our clients know that their corporate image depends, to a large extent, on the quality of their communications: web, catalogues, presentations, advertisements and the like; these, outside their home market, depend in essence on the quality of translated content. By closely following the accredited processes, our expert translators ensure that our clients’ ideas are communicated faithfully, clearly and effectively.

We assign an exclusive translator to each client –for each language pair– by selecting the specialist who best suits each client’s profile. This translator works on all his or her client’s projects, building and perfecting a glossary of specific terms and usages while developing a distinctive, apposite style. This, and the thorough revisions stipulated in the ISO 9001 standards, enables us to consistently provide top quality services to all our clients.

Finally, we understand the importance our clients attach to their quality chain and assume as our own all issues such as urgency, delivery deadlines, formatting, confidentiality, last-minute changes in texts and other contingencies.

This is the business process that has made TCS-Brusier such a successful translation agency and that has provided us with our finest recommendation –a stable base of loyal and satisfied clients. That is why we cannot afford to let them down.

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