Correction services

Correction services | TCS Bruiser

Under the ISO 9001 quality standard too, TCS offers you the following correction services:

Click for detailsFirst Correction

  • Cleanup of typing mistakes, missing text, spacing.
  • Typographical (accentuation, capital letters, orthographic signs and  punctuation, abbreviations, acronyms, place-names).
  • Grammatical: punctuation, unfinished sentences, unnecessary words, gerunds and double participles, concordancies, etc.
  • Bibliography.
  • Enumerations: paging, diagrams, tables, pictures, listings, notes.

Click for detailsSecond Correction

  • Correction of edition or galley proofs.
  • Maquetation: make-up of the publication style.
  • Summaries: revision and verification of entries and pages.
  • Cross-references: verification of bibliographic references and notes.
  • Comparison of different versions and text editions.

Click for detailsRevision of Style

  • Grammatical stylistic correction.
  • Revision of punctuation, false friends, pet words, internal rhyme, cacophony, etc.
  • Optional cleanup: anachronisms, repetitions, redundancies, ambiguities, passive voice, foreign words or phrases, etc.
  • Expression.
  • Structure.
  • Adaptation of style.
  • Harmonization of styles.
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