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After so many years in the market, we have formed a team of native translators  - we require them only to translate into their mother tongue - so solid and diversified that we can presently give a solution for every translation need.

Click for detailsSimple Translation with ISO quality

All kinds of commercial, technical, scientific, legal, advertising texts, web sites (in HTML language), etc. Unless our customer does not advise us to the contrary, we shall always carry out the ordered translation in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 (TCS price list). If you wish to know more details, please visit our Intranet at the heading addressed to Customers.

Click for detailsSimple Translation without ISO quality

Whenever the customer prefers their own staff to revise or modify the translation subsequently, either for reasons of the utmost urgency or because the text includes a deeply specific vocabulary, the job shall be made naturally without such a high quality level (BRUISER price list). Important: all translators are here the same as the above (ISO quality), the only difference is that we require one fewer revision when a job without an ISO quality is concerned. As a result of that, the translator's rate must be higher.

Click for detailsSworn Translation

Texts requiring the intervention of a sworn translator who bears an official qualification generally issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Essential for giving legal force to your translations (TCS price list).

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